A purchasing platform dedicated to industrial protection for companies

Reliable information, one-click transactions, customs taxes included, connection to the most innovative products from all over the world... What if all these incredible online experiences were developed on a single platform open to companies in order to guarantee them high protection products?

Oteplace is designed as a gateway for manufacturers to promote their know-how and products via their own e-shop. Oteplace also ensures to the users total transparency of information regarding the products, the manufacturer, and the certifications.

Our Mission

Our goal is to rethink industrial protection

Because protecting life is what motivates us. We want to help users understand their needs and give them an easy and secure way to find, choose & buy easily the right equipment to fulfil it. We want to help good makers all around the world to value their know how and sell their products to whomever needs it.



In depth vendor selection and product verification toward international certifications and standards are part of our process to ensure we always propose the Top choice protection to our customers.



Our teams are on the field seeking for new innovative solutions and amazing products of the protection industry to put the spotlight on SMEs that would really suits our clients needs.



We believe a fair and honest communication is the foundation of trust. So, we commit to a full transparency of our process and will verify the information published by our vendors.



The protection of our customers and vendors’ private data is a constant concern. We selected partners to secure all the tools we provide from transaction to payment and delivery. Your data is safe with us.

About us

Oteplace is a company with global ambitions on a human scale. Located in Dagneux (France), Oteplace is born from the desire of Otego’s team to facilitate the sourcing of high quality, innovative protective products directly from the maker to the user. We ensure the quality of each through certification & standard screening.

Thierry Mosa, Otego CEO

Oteplace is backed by over 70 years of experience in industrial protection by the Otego Group. Driven by its mission to democratize responsible security worldwide, we have developed a global and local network of experts with more than 15 languages spoken, in order to be as close as possible to the end users.

Oteplace is a service for professionals, in addition to our technical expertise on industrial protection, the team and its partners evaluate and offer several services to support you such as transportation, customs clearance, securing your financial transactions.

Today, Oteplace is the meeting point for protection solutions with worldwide coverage. Oteplace offers its services to customers in over 110 countries. Its unique platform model allows it to offer the largest selection of items in one place.“