Standards & Certifications

At Oteplace we are aware that safety norms, standards, and certifications can be difficult to follow. That's why we provide a guide (coming soon) to certifications and standards that informs you about the detailed rules that apply to PPE, collective protection, and all protective products available on Oteplace.

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Why certification matters for industrial protective equipments?


Certifications & standards are the safety performance minimum standards define by the ruling authority in the said industry or country.


They are numerous and may vary from country to country, product to product.


With the proliferation of gears, sorting out certifications compatibility is difficult and can be a hurdle for both users and makers, limiting their access to markets they are not familiar with.


Certificates are the physical proof that a product reaches the minimum performance imposed or suggested by the local authority for safe usage.

Following our values

Safety First

Because Oteplace is driven by our desire to promote high quality PPE, we will never compromise on the quality of the products shown on our platform.

All certified products posted by our vendors will be verified by our team to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Certification status of each product will be clearly indicated to allow the used to choose accordingly.

Product that do not meet with our quality standards, with incorrect or outdated certifications will be suspended or banned from the store.

Because we believe in the highest quality

Learn about our merchant recruitment process, a rigorous process for high quality products.

Our mission


We also believe that offering more choice to the user is a way to help increase the level of protection of workers around the globe.

For this reason, we took on a mission to not only showcase but also explain and educate our users on the differences, the similarities, and compatibilities of as many standards as we can.

For more information about the certifications related to your industry: click here.