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A+A 2023:
A Spectacular Show for Industrial Safety Professionals

Oteplace Team at A+A

This year's A+A (AplusA) international trade show and congress was the epicenter of personal protective equipment (PPE), corporate clothing and health & safety solutions. Oteplace was privileged to be among the participants at this event and to meet the organizers, who shed light on A+A's objectives in the world of industrial protection.

Presentation of A+A 2023

Countries with the most Exhibitors at A+A 2023

A+A remains the world's largest trade show dedicated to health and safety. With 2,200 companies from 58 countries and 62,000 visitors from 140 nations over a 4-day period, this event saw a significant increase in participation compared to the 2022 edition, despite the Covid pandemic that marked the latter. This growth was also accompanied by an expansion of the exhibition space, extending to 80,300 square meters. The organization spent two years rethinking the layout to offer visitors optimized spaces and facilitate targeted meetings.

Exhibitors at A+A 2023

With 12 thematic halls, the show structured its spaces according to product categories. Some halls focused on PPE, corporate clothing and procurement, while others concentrated on occupational health, ergonomics, first aid and workplace safety via protection software and online corporate protection.

A+A's Trends of the Year 2023

This year, two major trends have taken center stage at A+A: digitalization and sustainable development.

Digitalization to improve protection

Digitalization has penetrated the field of occupational safety, with smart clothing, exoskeletons and applications connected to protective equipment. Artificial intelligence has given rise to services promoting the ongoing safety of workers, such as virtual safety coaches. This evolution not only reduces accidents, but also contributes to a healthier, more efficient working environment.

Sustainable development at the heart of A+A

Sustainable development was a major concern at the show, actively promoting companies with significant environmental initiatives. A+A itself is committed to an eco-responsible approach, opting for digital media instead of paper to minimize its environmental impact. In addition to promoting the environmental actions of companies, A+A has taken concrete steps to reduce its ecological footprint, by adopting a responsible approach to food. In partnership with committed companies, the show has worked to avoid food waste, thus taking part in a more ethical management of resources. This initiative demonstrates A+A's commitment to sustainability, extending beyond aspects directly related to personal protective equipment, contributing to a holistic approach to sustainability within the event.

What we learned from the Show

As we wandered the aisles of the show, we noticed a marked trend: protective footwear. With over 380 companies showcasing their products, the competition was fierce. To stand out from the crowd, some companies and the show itself organized fashion shows to showcase their protective equipment. PPE is no longer simply an obligation, but must now be attractive and comfortable. The aim is for workers to be able to wear them not only on the job but also off, in comfort and style, thus avoiding accidents linked to not wearing protective equipment.

Innovation and Quality at A+A

A zone dedicated to start-ups showcased the latest company innovations. This year, the focus was on small companies offering innovative products or services that promote personal protection and the well-being of workers.

As for the quality of the products on display, A+A leaves the judgement to visitors, while ensuring that non-certified companies clearly display this information. Rigorous checks are carried out on products to ensure they are certified, and the majority of items exhibited at the show meet these standards.

Oteplace Team at A+A

Conclusion: Oteplace at A+A 2023

Oteplace's participation at A+A 2023 was an enriching experience, offering an in-depth view of major developments in the field of personal protective equipment and industrial safety. Through meetings with organizers and exhibitors, Oteplace was able to identify major industry trends and promote innovative products that comply with the highest safety standards. Oteplace remains committed to offering its customers quality products that combine comfort, style and safety, thus contributing to a safer and more efficient working environment for all.

Article published by Oteplace on its experience at A+A 2023, highlighting the importance of innovation, sustainability and quality in personal protective equipment.

Lucie Goberville, 12/15/2023