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Experience Meets Innovation: OTEPLACE Gears Up for CIOSH

The China International Occupational Safety and Health Goods Expo (CIOSH) is a leading event dedicated to promoting workplace safety and well-being.

This year OTEPLACE is preparing to make its mark at the CIOSH Expo in Shanghai, China running from April 25 to April 27, 2024. The anticipated CIOSH trade fair serves as a vital space for attracting industry leaders, manufacturers, and distributors in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), workwear, and safety solutions.

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OTEPLACE Joins the CIOSH Excitement

At CIOSH 2024, OTEPLACE’s booth will showcase its wide product range, with a special emphasis on industries with stringent safety requirements. Attendees can expect to explore safety products tailored to the construction, firefighting, logistics, and steel sectors.

Steel Industry PPE

In the challenging environment of the steel industry, safety reigns supreme. OTEPLACE comprehends the unique challenges faced by steelworkers and will exhibit a carefully curated selection of equipment at CIOSH 2024. Our booth will feature arc flash suits from CrossTex for optimal protection against electrical hazards in high-temperature areas. Crafted with advanced flame-resistant materials, these suits provide exceptional protection while maintaining flexibility for optimal performance.

Logistics PPE

The logistics industry demands a constant focus on safety, whether workers are loading and unloading goods, operating machinery, or navigating busy warehouses. OTEPLACE understands these unique challenges and will showcase essential PPE solutions at CIOSH 2024. We'll have a range of protective helmets to safeguard against potential head injuries, safety glasses to shield workers from flying debris and dust, and respiratory protection options to filter out harmful airborne particles in dusty environments. Visit our booth to discover how OTEPLACE can help you prioritize the safety of your logistics workforce.

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Gear Up and Join OTEPLACE at CIOSH

OTEPLACE is committed to protecting workers worldwide with cutting-edge safety products. As the industrial safety landscape continues to evolve, OTEPLACE encourages you to stay ahead of the curve by exploring all your PPE needs on our comprehensive online platform.

Visit our booth Hall 4, 4D38 at CIOSH between Apri 25 to Aril 27, 2024, to fulfill all your safety needs in one place.

For more information on OTEPLACE and the services we offer, please contact us at Don't forget to follow us on our social media channels for updates and announcements.