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OTEPLACE: pioneering change in the industrial safety market

Excitement is building as OTEPLACE, the premier B2B marketplace specializing in industrial safety products, prepares to make its mark at the 2023 A+A Trade Fair in Dusseldorf from October 24th to 27th. The A+A Trade Fair stands as the world’s paramount event devoted to security, safety, and workplace health, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to delve into the latest advancements and innovations in occupational safety while connecting with suppliers worldwide.

As OTEPLACE steps into the limelight, our primary mission is to engage with manufacturers and pioneers in protection innovation. Concurrently, we aim to introduce OTEPLACE to enterprises grappling with emerging challenges—an endeavor amply facilitated by their presence at the event. These interactions will unravel the newest innovations in protection and provide a platform for their promotion.

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Advancing OTEPLACE: an innovation hub to meet emerging safety challenges

Industrial companies are faced with a growing wave of emerging safety issues, resulting from new risks triggered by climate change and rapidly evolving technology. These challenges are recurrent and often lack appropriate solutions. OTEPLACE is ready to tackle these critical issues.

Our ambition is to make our platform unique, into a thriving international ecosystem that harmoniously combines innovation and expertise. Through this approach, we aim to deliver value-added solutions to the general public, ensuring that workplaces remain safe and protected. Our presence at A+A will enable a greater understanding of current innovations in the world of industrial protection and how today's companies are managing today's emerging issues.

OTEPLACE was born out of a vision to revolutionize industrial safety in relation to new and emerging issues for which there are as yet no suitable, world-renowned solutions.

Our mission is to understand the hazards of today and tomorrow, while seeking out the manufacturers who can respond to them with their innovations. Our global positioning enables us to visit numerous trade shows and conferences to meet with experts and companies to keep abreast of these advances and emerging issues.

Our online platform enables buyers to navigate seamlessly through a vast range of innovative products, providing direct price estimates and information directly with manufacturers. No intermediaries to facilitate access to information and develop genuine collaboration between industry players.

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In anticipation of the A+A show, OTEPLACE is excited to present this innovative platform. Visit our booth in Hall 9 D67-2, to explore our market, discover the products on display and learn more about our services.

In addition, we'll be actively sharing updates on our participation and discoveries at A+A on our social media channels.

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Visit our booth to discover the benefits of trading on OTEPLACE, meet our international team and stay up to date on the show via LinkedIn.

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Exploring new paradigms in security products

As a marketplace dedicated to PPE, OTEPLACE is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative safety products, connecting suppliers and buyers to drive the industry forward.

At A+A, we'll be engaging with manufacturers to discover the latest developments and innovations, with the aim of integrating these sustainable safety products into our market and expanding our network of potential customers.

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In conclusion

At a time when workplace safety is paramount, OTEPLACE is committed to providing companies with the means to protect their employees in the face of new challenges. As the industrial safety landscape continues to evolve, OTEPLACE invites you to explore our platform and discover cutting-edge workplace protection solutions.

Visit us at 2023 A+A in Düsseldorf at stand D67-2 from October 24 to 27.

For more information on OTEPLACE and the services we offer, please contact us at

Together, let's forge a safer future.