Manufacturer Work Safety Sunglasses Fashion Eyewear Pc Lens Safety Eyeglasses With Head Band


Ref: PS753L

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Description of the Product

Distributor: OEM / OED

Frame Material: PC

Lens Material: PC

Frame Color: Customer Color

Coating: Hard Coating / Anti-fog/ Anti-Scratch

Logo: Customer Logo

Certificate: ANSI Z87.1

Anti UV/ UV BLOCK: UV 385 / UV 400

Interested in customizing your safety glasses as OEM or OED? Request a quote now to get in touch with the supplier and tailor the coating, frame color, and logo to your preferences.

Product Information

General Information
HS code 900490
Product brand ODM/OEM
Country of dispatch Taiwan, China
Materials PC
Colors Custom Color
Customizable Yes
Precaution None
Technical certifications and standards
Standard names ANSI Z87+

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