Oteplace for Sellers



Join the professional sellers of high-quality protection products on the first marketplace exclusively dedicated to industrial protection products.

Why Sell on Oteplace?

Global Expansion

Connect with foreign markets, target industries in search of professional protection equipment, and explore emerging global opportunities.

Digital Sales Force

Outsource your marketing to us for a customized strategy to attract future customers and increase traffic to your products and store.

Sell in Total Freedom

Join our platform with no commitment, full pricing control, and freedom to choose specific target markets.

Dedicated Support

Partner with a dedicated business developer who will guide you in setting up your store and crafting an international commercial strategy.

Become an Expert in Standards and Certification

Benefit from Oteplace's experience in international standards and certifications, to know what, where and how to sell.

Boost your Online Visibility

Benefit from Oteplace's visitors and international reputation through global and regional marketing campaigns.

How to sell on Oteplace?

Create an Account

Create a vendor account by registering your company on the platform.

Submit your information

Submit the legal documents required by KYC legilstation (company registration certificate, proof of ownership, List of beneficiaries...).
The list of documents required for approval may differ depending on your location (List of the countries available for vendor).

Create your own catalog

Set up your E-shop profile, start uploading your products & GO LIVE.

Set up your store

Upon orders, all necessary information including contact, delivery address, shipping info, tax & duty documents will be send to you on your onsite interface (vendor console) for easy processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell on OTEPLACE?

OTEPLACE Marketplace is the first international B2B marketplace that provides top-notch industrial products and services, including personal protective equipment available to companies across various sectors (construction, logistics, chemical, pharmaceutical, security, etc.).

OTEPLACE's Marketplace aims to meet the needs of business customers by complementing the services offered by Oteplace and its partner merchants. The variety of options in the marketplace gives today's industrial protection a fresh, innovative and user-friendly approach.

OTEPLACE customers have the flexibility to order products and services displayed on the platform independently on oteplace.com or with the assistance of an OTEPLACE employee.

Who can sell on the OTEPLACE B2B Marketplace?

Merchants eligible to sell their products and services on Oteplace come in several categories:

  • Manufacturers
  • Service Companies
  • Business Institutions and Associations

OTEPLACE Marketplace carefully selects its merchants and the associated products and services to guarantee that customers receive the expected quality.

Do I Need a Website to Register with OTEPLACE Marketplace?

You don't need to have an e-commerce site or a website to join the platform. By joining OTEPLACE, you will gain access to a platform for managing your business and your store.

Additionally, you will have access to statistics that help you to organize your sales and understand which products are most popular among OTEPLACE customers, depending on the region or country.

Can I Create a Buyer account if I'm Already an OTEPLACE Seller?

Yes, you can create a buyer account even if you are already an Oteplace seller. To avoid any confusion between buyer and seller accounts, make sure to use two different email addresses.

What are My Commitments as an OTEPLACE Merchant Partner?

As an OTEPLACE merchant partner, your commitment is to provide high-quality services and products that meet the requirements of our business customers.

To ensure a healthy and long-lasting collaboration, we require the following:

  1. Respond to all requests within 24 hours on working days
  2. Maintain a minimum order acceptance rate of 90% whenever possible

Since protection is our core business, we assure our customers that the products listed on the marketplace are up-to-date listings with clear descriptions.

As an OTEPLACE partner merchant, you will receive ongoing support to assist you in launching your e-shop on the Oteplace platform. A commission on sales, as stipulated in our terms of service, will be charged by OTEPLACE.

Do you have additional questions or want to discuss a specific business strategy with our experts?

Contact us at support@oteplace.com , and our team will respond promptly.