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pervormance international GmbH
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Muehlsteige 13, 89075 Ulm, Germany
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Market leader in Germany and in Europe – that makes us proud. We were the first to establish washable, professional and quickly effective cooling textiles, such as cooling vests on the market. It is an incentive for us to continue to provide our partners and customers with high quality and service, but above all with our innovative strength. It all started with an idea in the field of medicine and the realization was quickly established in other areas such as occupational safety, sports and leisure as well as for very special requirements.

In the meantime, not only leading companies protect their employees from heat stress, but also national teams and world champions. For our technologies we have received the Recognition Award of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Trade & Distribution, the Excellence Award and the “Land of Ideas” award from the German President.

But we want more and are therefore involved in the Senate of the Economy and the UN Global Compact. We also take environmental protection seriously and have had our company and products analyzed. Since 2013, we have therefore been the world’s first climate-neutral textile company.

We are the only company in Germany that develops and manufactures cooling textiles. As a pioneer in cooling garments, we analyze our products in scientific studies, conduct broad application observations and make tests by recognized universities and institutes. We also cooperate with the leading opinion leaders and scientists in the field of cooling.

We first incorporated our patented 3D- technology into smart, actively cooling functional clothing, then developed cooling home textiles, and at the moment we are already working on sustainable air conditioning for buildings and vehicles.

Since 2013, we have been producing all products sustainably and are already using waste fibers and renewable energy. Through residual compensation with forest conservation projects with international standards, we are the first carbon neutral textile company in the world. Our products also offer the world’s first climate-neutral air conditioning system.

For you, the climate and your health.

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