E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 BasecapPRO – cooling basecap with neck protection

pervormance international GmbH

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Description of the Product

Cool cap for cool operations: The E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 Basecap PRO with neck protection ensures through active cooling that you keep a cool head even in the greatest heat. You feel fresh, you can concentrate better and have more energy. This works for work, sports and leisure acitvities.

At the same time, the baseball cap with neck protection in signal color protects you against the increasing UV rays. This significantly reduces the risk of skin cancer. The neck guard is not removable and thus meets the specifications of professional associations for eligible cooling headgear. The high visibility of the warning color in the neck area makes working outdoors safer and can be life-saving in extreme cases. This makes the cap with neck protection the perfect heat and UV protection UPF50+ (certified according to DIN EN 13758-1)   for working outdoors and is therefore subsidized by various BGs for member companies with a grant of up to 50%.

The material is light and cuddly. The classic cut and good fit provide excellent wearing comfort. With its curved visor, the cooling cap protects the eyes from blinding sun. It can be easily adjusted with the Velcro fastener at the back of the head and thus ensures a precise and comfortable fit.

Wash the product separately, either by hand or in the washing machine (gentle cycle, at 30° and a maximum spin speed of 400 rpm). Only use a PH-neutral detergent (such as DEOXX or TOKO Wash). Do not tumble dry the product and do not wring it out. The product should be stored hanging in a dry place. Do not store the water-activated product in a closed bag/container.


Product Information

General Information
HS code 63079098
Product brand E.COOLINE
Country of dispatch Germany
Materials Outer material: 100% polyester, Filling: 100% COOLINE polyester
Customizable Yes
Precaution None
Tags cooling cap, work protection, Uhthoff phenomenon, sun protection, sports headband, sports cooling, protective work clothing, overheating, multiple sclerosis, MS, menopause, heat, headgear, fatigue, fan, COPD, cooling, cardiovascular disease, air conditioning
Technical certifications and standards
Standard names DIN EN 13758-1
Environmental information
Company CSR Certificates Climate Partners
Environmental certification titles Sustainable Impact Award, Developement and Climate Alliance, Cool Coalition, green cooling initiative, Caring for Climate

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